Wyngaard Ginger Old Affiné

  • Unique presentation on the Guillotin
  • Perfect size for cheese board
  • Vacuum packed



Weight: 150 g ℮
EAN (CE): 8714529001593
Ingredients: Pasteurized COW'S MILK, candied ginger (ginger 3,6%, sugar, glucose-fructose-syrup), salt, lactic acid, rennet, colour: E160b, conservative: E251
Ripening: 10 months ripening in special caves
Fat: 48% Fat i.d.m. with a layer of candied ginger
Allergens: Cow's milk.
Storage: Refrigerated < 7°C

Nutritional values per 100 gram

Per 100 gram:
Nutritional value 1765 kJ / 421 Kcal
Protein 23,0 gram
Carbohydrates 5,9 gram
Sugars 5,6 gram
Fat 31,5 gram
Saturated fat 20,5 gram
Salt 1,9 gram