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Catering is not just about the cost. Companies are increasingly asking caterers to make their offers healthier, more sustainable and local. The idea is that healthy employees are happier and therefore perform better. Below you can find an overview of our concepts. Our cheeses are traditionally and historically ripened in our authentic cheese warehouse in Woerden. Do we not have your concept and/or requirement? Then please contact us for tailormade solutions.

"Citaat van een chef"

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- Jannis & Claudia Brevet van Inter-Scaldes (Kruiningen)


Our slices are available in quantities of 26, 30 and/or 50. The packaging has been split up to limit loss. The round finishing ensures an extra lovely presentation at your breakfast buffet.

Tips! Use a pizza cutter to slice the slices to avoid unnecessary waste. By dividing up the slices, they also fit better on various types of sandwiches. The sweating of the cheese can be countered by cooling the cheese at the bottom and/or displaying it on wood. International hotel guests are not always familiar with the ages of the cheeses. Provide additional explanations about the cheeses at the breakfast buffet such as origin, age and allergens.

Hotel blocks

In addition to slices, our cheeses are also available as hotel blocks. Freshly slicing these cheeses with, for example, a Boska cheese slicing machine, adds to the breakfast buffet experience.

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Reypenaer and Reypenaer VSOP fresh cheese leaves

Reypenaer and Reypenaer VSOP fresh cheese leaves are perfect for use in toasted sandwiches, croissants, burgers, a carpaccio (sandwich), salad or risotto. Thanks to the traditional and natural ripening of our Reypenaer cheeses in our historic cheese warehouse, you won’t need many cheese leaves to add flavour and you are offering your guests a lovely local alternative. Our cheese leaves have been grated for longer to ensure a nice presentation.

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Snack boards

Pay extra attention to your snack board and make it ‘instagrammable’ by combining the various cheeses with vegetables, fruit, meats, nuts, bread and crackers and serving everything on a lovely wooden snack board.

Tip! Combine our Reypenaer snack triangles with a flavour cheese and/or flavour blocks. The various shapes of the cheeses and the colours make the snack board extra attractive to your guests.

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