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For bars & cafés

As a bar, cocktail bar and/or café, you spend lots of time on and attention to your selection of drinks. To help entrepreneurs who wish to pay attention to good cheese/drinks combinations, we have created our Reypenaer Book of Tastings. In this book, we describe our cheeses as well as many combinations with wines, beers and liquors. It is handy reference for your staff and/or to help organise tastings in your company. We also offer ready-made concepts for small and large locations that can be served quickly.

"Onze gasten vinden het heerlijk!"

"Al ruim 10 jaar lang, sinds het Reypenaer Proeflokaal aan de Singel zit, bieden wij het Reypenaer Proeverijtje aan bij onze gasten. De verschillende kaasjes geven een mooie smaakcombinatie met onze bieren. Door het goede formaat van de kaasjes en de goede verpakking is voor ons het Proeverijtje heel makkelijk in gebruik en kunnen we het snel uitserveren. Zo houden we alle tijd over om aandacht te besteden aan onze gasten. En onze gasten vinden de kaasjes heerlijk!"
- Eigenaar X van Proeflokaal Arendsnest (Herengracht 90, Amsterdam)

Le Guillotin

Our ‘Le Guillotin’ concept ensures the ultimate experience at the table and/or during outdoor dining. Le Guillotin has been made to slices leaves (thin slices) of Reypenaer and Wyngaard cheeses. By slicing thin slices, you provide your guest with the ultimate flavour, scent and texture experience of this beautiful cheese. In addition to our Reypenaer tasting, Reypenaer and Reypenaer VSOP triangles, you can choose from six different Wyngaard Affiné flavoured wedges.

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Snack boards

Pay extra attention to your snack board and make it ‘instagrammable’ by combining the various cheeses with vegetables, fruit, meats, nuts, bread and crackers and serving everything on a lovely wooden snack board.
Tip! Combine our Reypenaer snack triangles with a flavoured cheese and/or flavoured blocks. The various shapes of the cheeses and the colours make the snack board extra attractive to your guests.

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