Our Reypenaer & Wyngaard cheeses

  • Dutch cheeses with stories about taste
  • Perfect combinations with drinks
  • Lactose free because of the long ripening

Reypenaer cheeses: a heritage of Dutch cheese tradition

Specially selected cheeses are naturally ripened for a long time from 1 to 3 years in a historical cheese warehouse in Woerden that's more than a century old. Where the microclimate, the natural changes in temperature and humidity are responsible for the extraordinary development of the flavour, the fragrance and the texture. The cheeses are turned around and rubbed by hand. A delicacy cheese which has won multiple prizes and is used in top restaurants.


Ripened for 1 year


Intense, enduring fragrance and flavour with a soft creamy texture.
Aromas: slightly creamy, salty, pleasantly fruity, nutty.


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Reypenaer VSOP

Ripened for 2 years


Mature, strong, full flavour and fragrance, with delicate crystalline texture.
Aromas: chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, wood.


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Reypenaer XO Reserve

Ripened for 2,5 to 3 years


Exceptional complex, deep flavour and fragrance,
with mature crystalline texture.
Aromas: caramel, cognac, walnut, butter, grass.


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Wyngaard cheeses

Switched with the ripening in the historical cheese warehouse.

The circumstances in the historical cheese warehouse are being followed and imitated in special caves. With similar changes in temperature and humidity the cheeses are ripened for optimal flavour.

Wyngaard Affineurs

Ripened for 6 months


Flavour: soft, buttery, creamy and light wood.
Aromas: cream, butter and wood.


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Wyngaard Chèvre Affiné 

Ripened for 4 months


Full and creamy flavour with a slight goat flavour.
Aromas: slightly sweet with notes of walnut and cream.


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Wyngaard Chèvre Gris

Ripened for 10 months


Deep and complex flavour and fragrance, slightly creamy with fine crystallisation and a touch acidic.
Aromas: walnut, wood, herbs.


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