Wijngaard Kaas BV

The Wijngaard Kaas Mission

Our goal is flavourful cheese through ripening.

Where it concerns the large cheese market, flavour has become secondary to cost. By ripening in cold conditions and in high relative humidity, cheese loses as little as possible of its weight, leading to lower costs per kilo. However, this is offset by a loss of flavour.

With our experience in natural ripening in the historic cheese warehouse in Woerden, we are convinced that flavour emerges thanks to higher temperatures and lower relative humidity, as well as natural fluctuations in these. The cheeses dry more and lose more of their weight, but this is beneficial to the flavour.

If cheese is consumed in moderation, it is very healthy. You need less when you’ve got flavourful cheese (which is better for your bank account as well).

Our inspiration is to use these cheeses to develop an attractive and innovative assortment for social moments, both in hospitality and at home.

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